What does EDDM stand for?
Every Door Direct Mail

EDDM postcards are the least expensive way to mail marketing material to select neighborhoods. Trust our design staff to create a custom postcard (available in various shapes and sizes) for your business.

In partnership with the USPS we can provide you with a budget-friendly way to market to your local neighborhoods and get your name out there. Target mailing right down to the street without purchasing a mailing list. You can get started by visiting the USPS EDDM Tool to choose your target audience.

Contact us with questions. We are here to guide you through the EDDM mailing process, 317-257-2744.


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EDDM Facts
• You can send up to 5,000 pieces each day to be delivered to EVERY SINGLE mailbox on your chosen carrier route
• There is no postage permit necessary
• You don’t need a mailing list.
• Businesses which get the majority of their clients from within a 3 mile radius of their office are: 
  – Mortgage brokers
  – Insurance agents
  – Chiropractors
  – Restaurants
  – General Retail stores
  – Dentists
  – Attorneys
  – Doctors
  – Dry Cleaners
  – Churches
  – Moving/Storage companies
  – Museums/Amusement Parks
  – Auto Repair Shops
  – Gyms
  – Car Washes
  – and more!