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Trade Printing Defined
As a trade printer we offer printing materials to print brokers, graphic designers, ad agencies, and other printing businesses at a wholesale rate. When shipping an order to the end user on behalf of you, the reseller, our name or other identifying information does not appear anywhere on or within the packaging.

A trade printer does not have contact with the reseller's clients without the reseller's permission. A trade printer will sell printing at wholesale prices, allowing the reseller to mark up printing prices to market comparable retail rates. As a reseller you may simply be placing orders and having them shipped directly to your clients while others may be designing the piece, getting print bids, attending press runs and delivering the final product to the customer.


Indianapolis Printing Partnerships
We specialize in working with brokers and print buyers who know what they want as well as those new to the printing industry. We have built ongoing business relationships working with the retail printing industry since 1986. As a distributor, you require reliable, professional products and services. We produce a quality product, and are willing to go the extra mile with a custom project or tight deadline.

New to the printing industry? We have the support you need to quickly enter the world of printing and assist you in servicing your customers to the best of your ability. You are always welcome to stop in and tour our facility and get a glimpse into how we work.

We look forward to building a partnership with you whether it be behind the scenes or present in a meeting as your official printing company.


Why choose Elite Printing?
•    Wholesale Pricing
•    Quality and reliability

     We are an established printer with a track record of success. 
•    Protection of your client relationship
     We never contact your customer directly without your permission. Your client will receive their printed products in plain or
     "blind" packaging that never identifies the printer.
•    Printing expertise and capabilities
•    Customer service
•    Shipping and Turn-around options
•    References available


How should I prepare a file for printing?

Preferred format: A Print Ready .pdf file 

We recommended a minimum of 300dpi, converted to CMYK colorspace, all fonts outlined AND embedded. Specify your trim area with crop marks (Don't place crop marks inside the work area). Make sure you have a minimum of 1/8" (0.125") BLEED on all edges of your job, and a 1/8" (0.125") SAFE area that has all critical design element such as text, pulled away from trim.

Following these guidelines, and carefully checking the PDF before uploading will greatly reduce the possibility of error and accelerate your job through production.